Online news media personality Mr. J J Omojuwa speaking to a live audience at the recently concluded Social Media Clinic event said that publishers of false stories online are cheap publicity seekers.  The popular online personality didn’t mince words as he decried the use of social media for selfish and malicious motives.

He said the SOCIAL MEDIA CLINIC event is an initiative borne of necessity, stating that such bodies were needed to inform, correct and combat errant news hounds that use the Cyber Space selfishly to attract huge traffic following and to spread message of disunity and tribal hate.

 The forum will seek to interact with users of the internet space and  inculcate in them a new sense of responsibility in the way they spread, share, generate and report news and information. For every right enjoyed, there is a corresponding responsibility. SOCIAL MEDIA CLINIC as a collective believes that – The only safe and recommended way to regulate social media is through social media itself”. A body of people must come together and stand for the forthrightness of journalism. We must begin to disseminate news with virtue and ethics that the profession demands. Online journalism is in need of serious refinement. The SOCIAL MEDIA CLINIC comes as a body to synergize and sensitize the art of journalism in mainstream online media. This platform is set to up to encourage the coming together of well meaning journalists, writers, bloggers and concerned citizens into a countering force for inciting, false and sometimes evil media threatening a people’s right to a good reputation, peace and prosperity.

The Social Media Clinic Event which had top social media influencers like Mr Tolu Ognulesi SA New Media to the president present; is a three year old creation of Mr Sunday Dare. The event which has gained a life of its own is now a “lets come together” effort by online media influencers who wish to throw some sanity and journalistic responsibility in the online News media circle


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