Charles Taylor ,the former President of Liberia  gave a word of assurance to his supporters at his 69th birthday that he never abandoned them despite being in prison.

Taylor who was convicted on 11 charges including terrorism, rape, murder and the use of child soldiers by rebel groups in neighbouring Sierra Leone during the 1991-2002 civil war, in which some 50,000 people died.

The former president who is currently serving a 50-year sentence for war crimes in a British prison. An Act of Parliament was passed to allow for Taylor to serve his sentence in the UK, at the cost of the British government, following his conviction.

On the day of his 69th birthday which was on Saturday , Taylor sounded defiant as he rallied troops: “Whether you are a brother or sister, whether you are a friend or acquaintance, Charles Ghankay Taylor can never, ever turn his back on the NPP. The NPP group grew out of the NPFL; that’s my life, this revolution is my life; it will always be my life.”

The NPP recently entered into a coalition with Senator George Weah’s Congress for Democratic Change, which officially became the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Senator Weah recently handpicked Jewel Howard Taylor (NPP, Bong), the former first lady as his running mate, sealing the coalition ticket that will contest the 2017 presidential elections.

His merger with the former president and picking the former first lady, has shown clearly that Senator Judge Weah is ready to return Liberia to the Taylor’s style of government.

What Liberia needs is progressive minded people that will take the country to a greater height from where it is now than  people adopting the old and unfavorable pattern of government that makes many suffered.



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