The stage is set for the launch of Nigeria’s second Social Media Clinic. Social Media Clinic [SMC] was founded by

Mr. Sunday Dare, a Harvard and Oxford trained journalist with close to 25 years’ journalism experience. A leading

media expert with multi-media skills spanning Print, Broadcast and Digital media. The Social Media Clinic Initiative

derives from the Social Media Solutions .SMS. Ltd a sustainable platform for true and distinguished journalism in an

age of free and unguarded press. Social media is set up to be a socio-conscious check for today’s upscale instant

journalism in sachet media, a free for all to write and publish whatever. The second edition of SOCIAL MEDIA

CLINIC COMES UP ON MAY 5TH, 2017. From 6pm to 9pm at 805 AFRICAN LOUNGE 93, Aminu Kano

Crescent, Abuja. Speakers at the interactive session include, Tolu Ogunlesi, Simon Kolawole, TheCable News online,

Sunday Dare and Gbenga Olonrunpomi, Mr Tunji Lardner. The Idea of a Social Media Clinic, SMC, as a forum to

sanitize the social media space and general blogsphere has become necessary. In the face of the onslaught of multiple

platforms for information dissemination, the growth of citizen journalism and the ease and spontaneity with which

information can be shared and spread globally, we know live in a world where no one is safe and nothing is hardly

hidden. The space between private life and public has since being eroded. As social online news media becomes

widespread, the leeway of using it inappropriately putting at risk hard earned reputation of individuals and corporate

bodies has become norm. We now live in a world where everyone is a journalist. All you need is an account on one of

the platforms and some internet Data. It’s clear that the pace of innovation and the explosion of the Internet have

outstripped the pace of regulation and safeguarding. Hence the Idea of a social media clinic. This is particularly

needed as government is rightly encouraged to engage with communities across social media. The opportunities for

breaking down barriers between government and community are great, but there’s also a duty to protect people that are

brave enough to do so. Ten years ago, the social media site Face book did not exist. YouTube and Twitter did not

enter the cultural consciousness until 2005 and 2006, respectively. These social media sites came into the world and

subsequently transformed it by allowing people to connect with each other on an unprecedented level, free of charge.

Social media sites have transformed society on both a micro and macro level by enabling perpetual communication.

On the micro level, individuals are able to keep track of their friends and family on a daily basis. People can upload

pictures, offer commentary on a topic of their choice, or voyeuristically view the activity of others. With a single

click, a person can receive updates on a friend who is on the other side of the world. On the macro level, social media

has enabled mass gatherings, helped to organized strikes, and facilitated revolutions around the world. Hence the need

for a social media clinic a platform that will help in educating citizens about the ethics of writing, journalism and

information management. The forum will seek to interact with users of the internet space and seek to inculcate in

them a new sense of responsibility in the way they spread, share, generate and report news and information. For every

right enjoyed, there is a corresponding responsibility. SOCIAL MEDIA CLINIC as a collective believes that – The

only safe and recommended way to regulate social media is through social media itself”. A body of people must come

together and stand for the forthrightness of journalism. We must begin to disseminate news with virtue and ethics that

the profession demands. Online journalism is in need of serious refinement. The SOCIAL MEDIA CLINIC comes as

a body to synergize and sensitize the art of journalism in mainstream online media. This platform is set to up to

encourage the coming together of well meaning journalists, writers, bloggers and concerned citizens into a countering

force for inciting, false and sometimes evil media threatening a people’s right to a good reputation, peace and


Razaq Ivori



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