“We’re going to live on Mars in 2027,” said Mars One CEO, Bas Lansdorp, in an interview for CNN Inspirations: Out of This World.

Dutch organization Mars One has announced its ambitious plans to set up a long-term Mars colony by sending people to the red planet to reside forever.

“It’s going to be a mission of permanent settlement…The people that we send there are going on a mission forever, for the rest of their lives. That is really what makes Mars One possible.”

This once in a lifetime journey is strictly a one-way trip, but that hasn’t stopped tens of thousands of people applying for a place on board. The crew will be selected from members of the public.

Alas, only four will be selected for the maiden voyage: “Four people every two years…Instead of trying to bring people back, we send additional crews regularly.” explained Lansdorp.

“The most important skill is really teamwork. You need to be the ultimate team player, because you’re going to depend on each other with your lives and that is what the whole mission is about.”

While some have raised doubts about the viability of the project , others have accepted the idea as a race of some sort. SpaceX recently announced plans to send people to the Red Planet, swiftly followed by Boeing boldly stating that it will get to Mars first.



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