At least 11 people have lost their lives to gunmen believed to be Fulani herdsmen during attacks on three villages in Jema’a local government area of Kaduna state.

According to a source, the villages; Gida Biyu, Akwa’a and Anguwan Anjo, were attacked and houses set ablaze, leaving 11 dead and several others injured.

The chaos was said to have started around 6am on Monday, continued till Tuesday.

The source reported, “A large number of Fulani herdsmen invaded Gida Biyu, 2 km from Godogodo around 6 am on Monday and started shooting and setting houses ablaze”

“People fled in different directions. However, the police were quick to arrive and the invaders fled into the bushes. Four people were killed that day. Today after combing the bushes five more corpses were found.

“When the killers escaped from Gida Biyu, they resurfaced at Akua’a this morning and killed two people. But they did not burn any house there. The police arrived on time again, and they ran away. But this afternoon they appeared at Agwan Anjo and started shooting.

“But by this time people have fled the village, and the police also arrived promptly. However, about an hour after when the police went to get some food in the town, the gun men launched another attack again.

We believe that the motive of the attack is to displace us and take over our lands.‎ we are hoping that the military will join the police because we are sure that they will return, or even attack Godogodo town where our women and children are taking refuge. We need urgent help.”

However, according to the spokesman of the state police command, Aliyu Usman,  the situation had been brought under control.


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