Dermatologist strike warning against patronising mobile barbers


A Dermatologist, Dr Ayopo Adeyemi, has warned Nigerians against patronising mobile barbers in order to avoid contacting some blood borne diseases, fungal infections like Tinea capitis in the process.

According to her, materials the barbers used are not usually sterilised. Urging Nigerians not be carried away by the cheap services most of the mobile barbers render but prioritise their health.

She noted that at the end of the day, whatever diseases contacted from such patronage would require huge money for treatment, an individual can be unfortunate to contact some blood borne infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, which had no cure.

She said that apart from the fact that these barbers used unsterilise instruments, they also used them for multiple customers. As these unsanitary practices could also lead to bacterial infections and some blood borne infections.

Adeyemi advised men to ensure they have their personal clippers taken along with them to the barbing salon and ensure the clippers were sterilised to guide against contacting diseases. And men and women should rather patronise standard salons, where different forms of sterilisation would be done to guide against health challenges.


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