Written by Taiwo Adisa, Abuja Monday, 05 March 2012

LEADER of the dreaded Islamic militant group, Boko Karam, Mallam Abubakar Shekau, who fled Nigeria some months back, was said to have narrowly escaped arrest from a combined team of security agencies in Kano last week.

The man regarded as the most wanted Boko Haram kingpin was said to have sneaked into Kano to hold some strategic meetings, apparently related to more future attacks.

The man was said to be in company of his last wife, whose name was given as Afsat. Sources close to the administration confirmed the reports, saying the dreaded Shekau was “almost in the net” last week and that he only escaped narrowly.

It was gathered that the news of the operation on Shekau triggered some attacks on schools and police stations last week. According to sources, the Boko Haram operatives believed that the police carried out the operation.

“You will observe that there were series of attacks carried out by the sect last week. The attacks were in retaliation of the near arrest of their leader, who has since been declared the most wanted man,” a source stated.

Sources confirmed that the last wife of the Boko Haram leader was, however, arrested in the Kano house, where the man escaped; it was, however, not clear whether she is still being held.

“The woman is said to be his last wife but she is said to be unaware of the sect’s operations, so we cannot really say whether she is still in custody of any of the security agencies involved in the operation,” another source stated.

A combined team of intelligence agencies both within and outside Nigeria, it was also confirmed, have launched fresh investigations into the sources of funding of the dreaded sect.

Meanwhile, two top northern politicians are said to have come under scrutiny, the sources confirmed.

It was learnt that a former political office holder, who owns what is said to be a chain of international businesses, is being investigated for alleged links to Boko Haram, especially as it emerged recently that he sometime ago hosted one of the kingpins of the sect, who was picked up in Minna some months ago.
Another relation of a former governor is also said to have come under scrutiny, following indications that he had fallen out with the governor who did not agree with the agenda of Boko Haram.

The man is suspected to be using the wealth he acquired through the support of his estranged cousin to assist the dreaded group, it was learnt


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