As of the time of this report, the high rise building that burst into flames several hours ago, is still oozing smoke and ash residue from what our reporters say was one of the worst fire outbreak in Lagos state for some time now.
The building at number 9, Ajasa street, Berkeley Lagos Island, burst into flames after one of its heavy duty air-conditioners exploded. The buildings fire alarm instantly rang out and the buildings security staff helped people of the office / residential inhabited building rush to the safety point. Due to the early alarm, there were no loss of lives as the buildings gate was shut and the road condoned off to keep pedestrians away from the far reaching flames until the firemen came. 
Most residents and onlookers would agree that the response shown by the firemen who arrived the scene barley minutes into the incident, attributed to what saved the building from burning to the ground. The fire was contained by the brave men of the fire fighting force to only one floor; which was where the fire started initially.
Using the latest fire trucking and high jet spray equipment newly provided by the Lagos state government, the firemen swung into action immediately they got to the scene. With the help of the stretchable ladder fire engine truck, the men were able to reach the level of the fire and have a direct hit with their jet water pipes. flames from the building calmed down immediately after that.
The men came down to the applause of onlookers who praised the state governor and thanked the firemen for a great job.
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