Since the word spilled from the Lagos IT community that an App has been created to compliment governments security efforts and strengthen neighborhood vigilance, youth tech forums have been buzzing with word that Amotekun, the Pan Yoruba security outfit now has an Application. Though Citizen confidential gathered that the Application and the Security outfit barely have the same founders, the features of the CityWatchApp (as the application is tagged) leaves one with the impression that both concepts are a single security resource.

According to Kehinde Barkare CEO Project Loud who has partnered with Citywatch,ng to sensitize Lagosians on the App usage, the citywatchapp which he fondly tags Oju Eko is geared to keep people safe by alerting them to nearby hazards. It operates as an information network that sources safety reports from law enforcement, first responders, and regular citizens, and sends alerts in real-time to everyone that may be impacted.

The notifications can range from violent crimes, serious medical emergencies, fires, to general public alerts.

CC spoke to the brain behind the profound concept Mr Niyi Gbodimowo, who gave a detailed synopsis on his concept which he said kicks off with Lagos State. He reiterated that the city watch app is majorly for securing lives and property.

“We are providing this service as an act of social responsibility. Citywatch is available as an app for Android and iOS phones, and also on the web at Once you open Citywatch, it will figure out where you are, and start showing you the incidents around your location.

You can also report incidents by sending a photo, video or voice note. You can choose to share it with everyone or only with a circle of people such as your housing community or workplace colleagues.

it supports resident associations? _

You can setup groups that contain the residents of a housing community so that members can share safety information exclusively within that group.

it supports government agencies as well. Citywatch provides special dashboards and data feeds for law-enforcement and emergency responders, that allows them to respond to issues efficiently.

For law enforcement, it can route location-specific incident reports to the nearest police station, and assist them in broadcasting updates to affected communities.

For the fire service, it can alert them to the precise location of a residential fire, and also provide photos/videos that show the intensity of the fire.

For emergency responders, it can act as a real-time information system for public alerts about building collapse, floods, car accidents etc

Users can indicate interest in an incident by clicking the watch button next to it. The most watched incidents appear in the Trending lists, and may also be used to influence policymakers.

For example, pothole reports that have a large number of watchers may attract more attention from policymakers.

It is free to download and use, and it does not contain any commercial ads.


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