A group of Ekiti Professionals on the platform of E-11 has described the political situation in Ekiti State as heart bleeding.

In a statement at the weekend by its chairman Femi Ajiniran, the group said “though not surprised about the recent happenings in Ekiti State, we are deeply concerned and worried about the future of the state, and the dire consequences upon the future generations.”

It recalled that “the happenings and scenarios playing out in Ekiti were avoidable and could have been avoided, if our people had acted according to our warnings.

“We warned seriously about the deceitful tendencies of Mr Fayose, and gave reasons why Ekiti people should not trust him with the sensitive position of a governor for the second time.

“Less than two years into his tenure, our fears are now being confirmed, if not fully confirmed. When e-11, came together as professionals from Ekiti in year 2003, our concerns and interest were mostly centred on the glory of Ekiti, and its people, their welfare, wellbeing, happiness and prosperity.

“Our desire then, was to see the advent of this glory, and become active participants in bringing it about and sustaining it. We were determined to bring our exceptionally gifted citizens on board, so that we can collectively liberate our people from shackles of oppression and poverty. It was the uncoordinated attitude of this same Governor Fayose during his first coming, as well as his reign of terror and lack of respect for elders and traditional authorities in Ekiti that prompted us to come together so that we could rescue Ekiti from his reign of terror and to make Ekiti a conducive place to work, to live and to invest.

“We have had four executive governors elected into office since the advent of democratic rule in 1999; none has troubled the state and destroyed its honour, and the dignity of its people like the present governor. We cried out prior to the 2014 governorship election in the state, we wrote to PDP at both the national and state level, not to present a candidate that will reverse the progress and the gains we have made in the sixteen years of our democracy but for selfish reasons, the then ruling party at the national level imposed Mr Fayose on the State, and went ahead to rig the election in his favour.

“We saw it coming, when a candidate in an election was promising the unemployed indigenes three square meals per day at the government house, if elected. Our people were deceived. There was no clear manifesto or road map of how to tackle the economic problems in the state. The antecedent of Mr. Fayose made him unfit for the office, his academic qualification has always been controversial and questionable. There was nothing about him that could justify his winning the election and occupying such an exalted office but for our weak democratic system as well as the federal power, money and the role of the Nigerian military that gave him victory.

“Our attempts to use the Judiciary through an eligibility case we instituted against him was also frustrated. He sponsored several attacks on our members, our legal team and judges that handled the case inside the court room.

“Since he assumed office, Mr Fayose has carried on with reckless abandon; he has done a lot of collateral damage to the image of our state and the dignity of our people. His conduct officially and unofficially has shown that he has neither capacity nor the wisdom to hold such an exalted office.

“Mr Fayose has brought this exalted office down to his level, characterised by uncoordinated behaviour, shabby appearance and disgraceful public conducts. What is happening in Ekiti at the moment negate the dreams of our heroic progenitors, who saw early in life that education is the torch light through which we can trace the pathway to personal development and by extension community development, and therefore invested heavily in our education, so that we can develop ourselves and our communities. We are so sure that the spirit of our fathers cannot be happy seeing their dreams and the fame as well as the good image they bequeathed unto us being destroyed by an outcast, who has never been part of our good history.”


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