Elections: Make your numerical strength count — Group tells youths


An NGO, the Rebuild Nigeria Initiative, has called on Nigerian youths to wake-up to the clarion call by making use of their numerical strength to vote in leaders that will reckon with the youths and their destinies.

Magnus Oku, the group’s Coordinator, in a statement on Monday in Abuja, urged youths to vote against who lacked integrity.

“Any leader that has shown a sign of neglect to Nigerian youths should not be given opportunity to oppress them again.

“Nigeria youths has suffered a lot in the hands of bad leaders; many have been limited of their God given potentials and capabilities, despised and forgotten in the dark of lack and want by the same persons they voted for; this must stop.

“We will use the ballot to vote for leaders who will help us as youths; our forum is massive and spread across the nation with our youth representatives (One Nigeria youths and Rebuild Nigeria Forum) well represented.

“All regional youth leaders have resolved to use their numerical strength to vote out ‘bad’ leaders and ensure that only those with their interests at heart are given opportunity.’’

Oku said that at a recent youth leaders’ meeting, it was resolved that the numerical strength of youths would be used to vote against ‘bad’ leaders and ensure that only those with the interest of the youths at heart were given political power.

He said that the Rebuild Nigeria forum was committed to contributing in changing the way the country was run by campaigning to ensure that only those with integrity were put in leadership positions.

“In our resolutions we have made it clear that the youth must go back to the basics to restore integrity in leadership to ensure that only individuals willing to address issues relating to youth development are given political power.”

“A new Nigeria is the responsibility of all of us; especially Youths and women who are often neglected. We must decide the tomorrow now,’’ he said.


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