‘End BBNaija 2018 show’- Governor Dankwambo


Governor of Gombe State, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo has expressed his views on the on-going Brother Naija 2018 reality Television show.

The governor, who expressed his view via his Twitter handle over the weekend, wrote: “I am praying for Big Brother Nigeria to come to an end so our young people begin to focus on important things like rescuing their country, I know some politicians will want Big Brother to be a daily thing all year round so our youths can remain distracted, Millions of our youth vote with their money in Big Brother Nigeria then invest so much passion but show no interest in the electoral process then turn around to complain that the country is not working. Like I always say, I have nothing against the show. I just want our youths to show same kind of passion they use for Big Brother to effect the needed change in our country. I want young people to run for office and also vote competent leaders. #NotTooYoungToRun. Big Brother Nigeria is not the future. Nigeria needs your help, save her from going down. Don’t give up. Stop saying votes don’t count. They do count. If they don’t count, why do bad politicians buy votes on Election Day? And even if you must show extreme passion in Big Brother Nigeria, please multi-task and also show same passion in rescuing Nigeria. Please don’t give up. Go and get your #PVC.”


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