1. To say that i was imposed on Edo people is unfair. I have been part of the renewal process since 2009.

2. I and my colleagues working with the Governor  designed the blueprint for comrade Adams Oshiomhole administration.

3. Knowing full well that youth employment is a major remedy to security breaches, we will link our security approach to industrialization, youth training, skills acquisition, civil construction and our robust public works programme which is aimed at generating over 20,000 direct employment in the first three years.

4. All I have done in my life is creating jobs.  Edo needs someone who can pull resources together. We will attract investments

5.If you have not financed or built anything you cannot start now. APC govt has met its obligations. APC has built infrastructure across the state.

6. In the past 8years, we’ve built about a thousand Kilometres of roads, and investors can now access some remote parts of the state

7. We restored order,accountability and responsibility in Edo state after 8 years of PDP plundering

8. Through the provision of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Loans at single digit interest rates, we will encourage micro and small businesses to grow, medium enterprises will become large companies on the long run. This will create over 50,000 jobs as we intend to support over 20,000 MSMEs in the next 4 years.

9.Currently the electricity demand in Edo State is over 450 mega watts. We want to generate 20% of Nigeria’s electricity from plants sited in Edo State. We will attract more investments in large and small scale through electricity generation and working with the BEDC, we will ensure that more power is available for domestic and industrial use. We will also ensure that areas not previously connected will be linked with the electricity grid.

10.We will provide the enabling environment for women to achieve their highest potential by taking our women empowerment initiative beyond the phase of empowering women. We will empower society as a whole through the women because when we strengthen women we are empowering our domestic economy. We will advance government services when women occupy leadership positions.

11.In addition to providing access to Medium and Small Scale Enterprises financing for our young entrepreneurs, we will focus on the development of our youth through investments in sports, arts and crafts. Our key target will be to link these talents with resources to become globally competitive and access to markets to unlock their inherent potentials.

12. My Government will invest in training and capacity building of the civil service within a broad plan of refocusing the service to meet the 21st century governance demand.


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