EXCLUSIVE: Reports on the meeting of the Industry Working Group  (IWG) on Multiple Taxation/Regulations, in Lagos – NCC 




    The Nigerian Communication commissions (NCC) held a meeting of the Industry Working Group (IWG) on Multiple Taxation/Reulations in Lagos, on Thursday 8th March.

    The event was attended by the ALTON President and other executives members, Representatives of mobile network, Operating companies/ Co-location and infrastructure providers, directors/members of management of the Nigeria communication admit other delegates.

    The head compliance monitoring and Enforcement (HCME) Mr Efose Idehen on behalf of the management of the Nigerian Communication commission welcomed all and gave an opening remarks.

    In his remakes, the HCME informed the group that the commission is willing to do everything humanly  possible  for the growth of the industry, however, he cautioned operator a to try as much as possible to explore all avenues open to them for addressing issues first, before escalating such issues to NCC. He said it’s necessary as the commission might not have the human and material resources to attend to all regulatory issues as the commission might not have the human and material resources to attend to all regulatory issues bedveilling the Industry.

    He also, intimated the group that he was opportuned  to look at the issues of the National Economic Council (NEC) on multiple taxation, levis and charges on ICT infrastructure in Nigeria. He said there are obligation in that resoultin to be carried out by the operators while some collaborative between the states and the operators, emphasizing on the review of content of the document before expiration time of March 2018.

    The Executive Commissioner (Stake Management)  of the Nigeria Communication Commissions  (NCC) Mr. Sunday Dare gave a keynote address commending all stake holders of the National Security Adviser and other Law Enforcement Agencies for their timeless commitment to the success of the working group and the support they continue to provide to the industry.

    “He also, went further to formally inform that last year, the commission signed an MOU with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps  (NSCDC). The MOU is another demonstration of the NCC’s unrelenting commitment to the continue to facilitate a conducive operation environment for the industry.

    However, he called on stake holders to look at the NEC resolution on Multiple Taxation and update it  (National Economic Council) before it’s expiration which is due on 21st March, 2018, to bring them in tune with the current challenge”.

    “Defined the KEY success Factors  (KSF) for a new arrangement with the NEC on the issue.

    The industry should instead of reacting to situations, put in place pragmatic and proactive options that will stimulate consensus with stake holders.

    “Needs to develop co-operative models with stake holders at the local, state and federal levels – as such models will give them direct “stakes” in infrastructure and offers.

    He conclusively urged all stakeholders to be open, frank and look at the issues dispassionately so that the gain already recorders in the Nigerian Telecoms Industry can be sustained.”

    Mr. Alkasim A. Umar, The Head Compliance Monitoring ( HCM) in is briefing on the recent regulatory intervention engagement informed the meeting that NCC held series of regulatory intervention meetings with the HG bodies;

    – Federal Ministry of Works (FMW)

    – and Nigerian Inland Waterways  (NIWA)

    – Telecoms Infrastructure Localization in Nigeria

    -Cross River Infraustructure Safety and Regulation Agency  (CRISRA)

    – Owerri Capital Development Authority (OCDA).

    At the end of the meeting the following resolution were reached;

    – ALTON/operators should articulate the industry’s official position on charges from the Nigerian Civil Avaition Authority (NCAA) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The industry positions should state the position of the law and acceptability of the charges/ levies under the aforementioned subject.

    -That ALTON should pay courtesy call to the new leadership of LASMIRA and intimate them about the subsisting agreement already in place.

    – Urgent need of the NEC Resoultin on Multiple Taxation, Levies and charges on ICT infrastructure in Nigeria.

    – The Operation should first engage agencies upon receipt of demand notices before escalating same to the commission.

    – Considering the rising cases of multiple taxation across the country, ALTON/operators were advised to consider a Tariff differential in each state of the federation as a tool for negotiations.

    The meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm


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