A bomb disposal officer was killed on Tuesday in Ungwar Sariki area of Kaduna when an explosive device he was trying to defuse went off.

The device was wrapped in a carrier bag and hidden behind an electricity pole in the residential area of Ungwar Sarki in the northern city of Kaduna.

Witnesses said the bomb squad was called in after reports of a first explosion and that the dead body of the officer was scattered across the road while a passerby was injured by shrapnel from the bomb blast.

There are reports that a large crowd had gathered to watch the deceased officer defuse the bomb.

Last week, Kaduna state was last week the scene of other blasts that included a suicide bomb.

Extremist group, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for those attacks.

Kaduna state police spokesperson, Aminu Lawan said the police found other unexploded devices in the same area.

No-one has claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s blasts.


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