Senior Advocate of Nigerian (SAN) Femi Falana has criticized Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Yakubu Dogara , for saying, “He wouldn’t resign because padding of the budget is not an offence”

Falana reacting to the speaker’s claim said; “What the National Assembly can do after the budget is laid before it is to reduce the amount if it is convinced it is inflated.

It is expected that negotiation and costing of projects should have been concluded while the preparation is going on. Budgeting is a process. Budget is money bill, which must necessarily originate from the executive. Section 81(1) of the Constitution says the President shall cause the budget to be prepared and lay it before the National Assembly. The National Assembly cannot cause the budget to be prepared and lay it before itself”.

He further said, “It is criminal and would be logical for those implicated in the scam to step down because Jibrin had done the same”


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