APCs gubernatorial candidate for the 2016 elections caused excitement in and  around Benin today as he brought his door to door campaign to the ancient city. He was totally Emersed in the love and warmth that greeted his good will initiative as he made he touched hands and words with every citizen present.

The walk came to an emotional moment when an innocent young girl answered the door knock of her home, only to find Edo’s most charismatic candidate smiling at her.

The crowd cheered as both visitor and host slapped hi-fives and embraced in a moment of joy and unabashed affection. Waving her goodbye as he left he promised to do more for education and the living standards of parents and children alike.

The maket place was no different, he sat with market women for hours, breaking down in easy terms his plans for mirco finance loans and how his government will increase efforts to reach them with sustainable initiatives desigined to cater for small scale trade and farmers market development to curb increasing food prices.

The walk continues tomorrow with the candidate vowing to reach every nook and crannie of the state to pay homeage to a people that has showe the APC government so much understand and surpport.Obaseki



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