‘I am not a religious bigot’ – Northern female senator turned Christian cries out


The only female senator from Northern Nigeria in the 8th assembly, Binta Masi, on Thursday, expressed sadness over alleged moves by some political opponents to portray her as a religious bigot.

According to Masi, her political opponents had misrepresented her recent testimony in church to mark her 50th birthday, where she spoke on her conversion to Christianity at a tender age, as insulting to Islam and Muslims. “I am not a religious bigot. I come from a family with religious tolerance where we have Muslims and Christians. My grandfather is a Christian; my father and mother are Muslims and we are living peacefully with other Muslim and Christian siblings and family members”, she said.

Masi, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, noted that she was first elected into the House of Representatives in Kaduna in a constituency where Muslims were in the majority. “Politicians need to realise the danger of religious sentiments, particularly in our area and be kind enough to concentrate on issue-based campaign.”

Meanwhile, the father of the senator, Alhaji Garba Tumba, who also spoke at the event, decried reports alleging that the senator was maltreating him because he is a Muslim. “Politicians need to show the fear of God and decorum in their campaigns instead of dangerous blackmail. I have no problem with my daughter and other siblings. We are living together as a happy family”.


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