One half of the musical group known as PSquare, Peter Okoye,  has said that he has not been on speaking terms with his twin brother, Paul, since December, 2015.
The singer made this known in an interview he granted Nigeria Entertainment Today.
He said, “Truth is: I have not been in talking terms with Paul since December 2015 and that was why I travelled in January. I had a lot on my mind.”
In the interview, Peter bared his mind on the sour relationship between him and his brothers, as well as the crisis that is threatening to tear the group apart.
Blaming the crisis on his twin brother’s ‘weakness’ and an internal struggle for control of the PSquare, he said, “You know they say change is constant, you can’t stay at one spot.
As the industry moves, you move. So I won’t say the problem we have is money.
I think everybody is just dragging power unnecessarily. Imagine Jude telling me that he’s in charge of Psquare and there’s nothing Peter and Paul can do about it, and I look at Paul he’s quiet about it”.
Peter also revealed that his insistence on growing a workable structure for the group was at the root of the quarrel between him and his brothers.
Waving aside the rumour that the altercation among the members of the PSquare was deliberately orchestrated by the group as a publicity stunt, he said, ‘I hear lot of people think it’s all a stunt, and that’s what I really want to put an end to. It’s not a stunt at all. It has been going on for a while’.
“When Jude didn’t come to my wedding, people started saying we broke up and then others said it was a stunt. Then when Paul posted those lyrics stuff on Instagram people thought it was a stunt too. But the truth is that, this is not and has never been a publicity stunt”.
Meanwhile, Peter, who had previously announced that he hired a new manager to replace his older brother, Jude, vowed to move on with his career, in spite of everything.


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