Recently in a town hall meeting organised with youth leaders of Edo state,  Mr Godwin Obaseki APC  governorship candidate for the 2016 elections outlined his plans for the youth. In the gathering with young people from all works of life, students and artisans, professionals. He promised to use all in his power and experience to make things easier for the struggling you of Edo. He carefully outlined his plans stating;

Importantly, parents will become happier and fulfilled in the face of growing hope for our youths in Edo state.
I will put an end to labour market struggles by empowering our youths to become employers of labour themselves.

I will invest in youth development and entrepreneurship to give them a positive head start in life.

Creating a conducive environment for our enterprising youth, where their skills are nurtured and encouraged to grow.

Helping our youths overcome barriers that limit their ability and turn their good ideas into viable business ventures.
Implementing sound policies to provide integrated and cohesive support for our youths across Edo State.


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