At the Palace of the Sultan of Sokoto last week, US Secretary of State John Kerry a couple of hours ago said “Boko haram holds no agenda. It has complete and total disrespect for life…….some people are tempted to just crackdown on anyone and everyone who could theoretically pose some threat, I caution against that…”

John Kerry said “Stop creating fear. Government must Create Trust. Trust creates citizenship”  Read Kerry’s lips on NTA (

Kerry also said Nigeria could be a model in fighting corruption.

Could anyone de-code the messages from the global statesman John Kerry.

Attorney Carole Ajie wrote:

“When he said “Boko Haram holds no agenda” – He meant it in sharp contrast to the Niger Delta Avengers who fight economic deprivation and environmental degradation  and political exclusion.

“When he said “stop creating fear – cracking down on anyone and everyone – he meant stop abusing human rights including the rights of critics; he meant stop hounding opposition.

“Kerry is warning Buhari in very subtle tone that is how it starts first they send a subtle signal, then they watch to see if he is adjusting to advise; if he is not, they walk to the next level.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Nigeria, August 23-24.

In his article John Kerry ’s visit: beyond the cover story, Reuben Abati pointed out that Americans don’t consider a visit such as this the circus that we think it is.

And so whatever the tone of the diplomatese, always look beyond the cover stories.

“John Kerry’s visit may be the tipping point for the Buhari administration and it may well not be, considering the fact that the United States is itself in transition”, Mr Abati wrote.

President Buhari, may please heed John Kerry’s wise counsel.



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