List of qualifiers for 2017 Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Gabon:

Tunisia (Group A winners)

Democratic Republic of Congo (Group B winners)

Mali (Group C winners)

Burkina Faso (Group D winners)

Guinea-Bissau (Group E winners)

Morocco (Group F winners)

Egypt (Group G winners)

Ghana (Group H winners)

Ivory Coast (Group I winners)

Algeria (Group J winners)

Senegal (Group K winners)

Zimbabwe (Group L winners)

Cameroon (Group M winners)

Uganda (runners-up with best record)

Togo (runners-up with second best record)

Gabon (hosts)

Oct 19: Draw in Libreville will split 16 qualifiers into four groups

Jan 14-Feb 5: Tournament to be staged in Libreville, Franceville, Oyem-Bitam and Port Gentil.


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