Bauchi — Alhaji Hassan Isa Maimadara was recently appointed as acting national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth vanguard. He spoke with reporters in Bauchi about the determination of the APC toWIN the 2015 general election, problems of good governance in the country, and other issues. Excerpts:

Can you assess thePRESENT political situation in the country?

I think the political terrain is something that everybody can see, good enough; democracy inNIGERIA is developing because it is reaching a point where the electorates have a good idea of what a good governance is supposed to be, their right to vote and to protect their votes, their right to put credible and responsible people to contest for elections etc. When you observe the political terrain closely, you will see that the politician’s mindset needs change if they want to go with the wishes of the electorates. In 2015 I believe Nigerians will vote for credible candidates that will focus attention addressing such challenges holistically. Nigerians are now tired of money politics they are determined to avoid voting for the sake of their pockets rather they will vote for the development of their country. We need change in Nigeria and we are determined to bring the change that will not only transform but develop the country by addressing most of the challenges facing the country.

How do you thinkYOUR party can make a difference?

We have passed through military rule for many years and the reason we canvassed for democracy was to address the problems and challenges that the military administrations were unable to address. PDP succeeded the military, they inherited the problems that hinder development like insecurity, ethno-religious crises, armed robbery, kidnapping militancy inNIGER delta and many others like decay in infrastructure, bad roads, poor health care, poor education, unemployment, poverty , collapse of industries and many other problems. They are supposed to bring change by addressing such inherited problems and today they spent over 14 years without addressing the problems, many of these problems increased within the last 14 years because of the increase in the level of corruption and unfortunate policies. For that reason Nigerians are tired with PDP because they have discovered that PDP is not the answer to the socio economic and security challenges bedeviling the country.

The party has also failed to bring genuine development that will lay solid foundation for our teeming youth’s dreams toBECOME good leaders of tomorrow and build the country.

You were recently inaugurated as the acting chairman of APC youth vanguard, what role are you going to play ahead 2015?

We were inaugurated recently in Abuja in order to canvass for more support to and to promote the goals and ideals of the proposed All Progressive congress for the development of the country. Our major role is to sensitize the youths on good governance and the need to join APC as the answer to the problems bedeviling the country. The good side of the story is that Nigerian youths have unanimously agreed to join the new APC in their effort to seek for genuine programme that will encourage patriotism and sacrifice in order toBECOME good leaders of tomorrow which the ruling PDP government has denied them due to its inability to address major challenges in the country like education, health care, fighting corruption and moral decadence.

Where do you think our leaders have gone wrong?

Most Nigerian leaders at helm of affairs today enjoyed free qualitative education from primary school up to the tertiary level, but they did not pay back to our people after they have enjoyed and benefited from free education. How do you think we can train our future leaders without sound education? Rather than pursuing nation building agenda they dwell more on solving personal matters even the resources of the country are geared towards achieving personal interest instead of nation building which led to deep corrupt practices because you can’t achieve personal interest without violating nation building laws, we need change today , unless we put the interest of the country at heart, address the problems of corruption, we will not go anywhere and now APC has come to bring about option that will bring genuine change and laudable programmes that will better the lives of Nigerians towards addressing major problems that will bring development of all sectors to the door steps of Nigerians, and we want to make a passionate appeal to Nigerians to make greater sacrifice in the interest of the country to support the crusade for change for the development of the country.


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