Your Excellency Sir,

I write to felicitate with you and to congratulate your honour on your election to serve the progressive development of great party, the All Progressive Congress (APC); and to bring to your attention salient issues in the State of Osun.

Your excellency sir, as a progressive and concerned party member, it is very crucial that I get you acquainted with the facts that many citizens and residents of Osun have been clamouring that whoever would be the flag-bearer of our party, the APC, should be from Osun West Senatorial District. This clamour, according to first-hand findings, is hinged on the quest for a equilibrium in the leadership of the State which hitherto has witnessed the sidelining of Osun West Senatorial District.

It suffices, based on this fervid clamour from citizens, that it has become apparent that State of Osun has since its creation and leadership under democratic dispensations, been governed by Osun West Senatorial District for just 22 months. And this was even during the defunct Third Republic (1992-1993). Since the return of democracy in the Fourth Republic – now 19 years, the gubernatorial position has been rotated between the East and Central Senatorial Districts; hence, the loud clamour that Osun West Senatorial District should be given a fair deal in bringing their leadership expertise to fore by producing the next governor.

Sir, Osun is strategic in the South-West and the current giant strides being achieved by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola need to be sustained in the next political dispensation. However, I have a serious fear, that should our great party, the APC, opt for candidate(s) from other Senatorial Districts other Osun West, political apathy may surge among the citizens; while many may opt for aspirants in other parties; thereby relegating the chances of continuing the good works being done.

From the foregoing, sir, I have known you as a Comrade whose pursuit of egalitarian policies have been pragmatic. Therefore, I would like to enjoin your authority to give this correspondence invaluable consideration. Particularly, I would like you to be in the know that any primary other than the normal delegates primary process would only not be accepted by party members but could possibly lead to irresolvable political crises among party members ahead of the gubernatorial elections.

While I look forward to seeing your practical resolve to giving this correspondence helpful importance, I pray God continues to strengthen you with wisdom as you lead our party from success to success.

Thank you and God bless you sir.

Sincerely yours,
Olawale Yusuff Lawal.


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