My Traditional Leader, the so called Dino should be dealt with and sued for sexual harassing a Yoruba woman. Only God knows where they got all those thugs that are parading themselves as politicians. How can he be saying unprintable words on the floor of the national assembly. Words like “I will fuck you”. Anyway he should be ashamed. If he’s not, then his wife and children should be ashamed. 

How can he do that to the wife of our national leader and former first lady of Lagos state and most of all a Yoruba woman? I’m very sure his wife is not enlighten, intelligent, educated or presentable. Can any one get me pictures and dossier of his wife?          

Please let’s not waste our widow’s mite on the buffoon, Dino Melaye. The ball is in the court of APC the ruling federal government. I have said it many times and I’ll bore you again with the same point of view; the APC led FG is too cold to be hot, too aloof to be involved, too timid to fight these thugs, too apathetic to be active and too soft to throw any strong punch against these saboteurs. All the FG need to do is resurrect the sins of Melaye and Ekweremadu.

For example, last year SaharaReporters did an excellent investigative journalism piece on Melaye when he sponsored the anti social media bill. SaharaReporters went into overdrive to take him down on the bill by exposing his foreign bank account in New York, USA from which he withdrew $1,000 to pay the doctor that removed the tattoo from the body of one of his girlfriends.

Immediately SaharaReporters published the story, Melaye recoiled into his cocoon. That was the end of the anti social media bill. It is a violation of our Constitution for a serving senator or a member of the House of Representatives to operate a foreign bank account. It falls in the area of money laundering which is illegal hence criminal. The AG should alert EFCC to the fact that Melaye is operating a foreign bank account. Then the EFCC should swing into action and clamp down on Melaye with arrest and put him in detention while he’s looking for someone to bail him out. Then of course, EFCC will start proceedings against him. While he’s fighting to stay out of jail and going to court everyday, Melaye will be a forgotten one in the Senate and that will be the end of his unnecessary insurrections in the Senate. Same goes for Ekeremadu.

Now the million Naira question is: Why is APC led FG so impotent from debilitating castration? What is its problem? It has all the power in the world to tame these monkeys in the Senate but APC led FG is so scared and timid and unsure to use the mandate and the powers we the people bestowed on the FG.

I’m at a loss for words!                      

Senator Oluremi Tinubu should personally sue the wild untamed Senator.


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