A pattern of twisting the facts, manipulating stories and planting false stories in the media by the Omisore camp since the conclusion of the Osun governorship elections seem to have gone into overdrive. The most recent, after repeated failed attempts to lie against the APC and INEC is the unsubstantiated report that went online on Monday that Omisore will be sworn-in in a few days because the tribunal has adjudged that he scored more votes than Aregebsola the incumbent.

Within hours the lies being spread was exposed as a desperate attempt by PDP and Omisore to confuse the populace. In their phantom mind, Omisore must be Governor at all cost even if it means telling cheap barefaced lies. That Omisore and his party have descended so low is disheartening and disturbing. They have arrogated to themselves powers they do not have. Let them hear it- they will not stampede or decide for the courts. The people voted freely on August 9 and gave Aregbesola the mandate for another four years. The people are still on guard to pounce on any politician who will seek to steal that mandate through the back door.

Omisore’s fixation on a victory he never won has sent him and his supporters and party into a frenzy of manufacturing lies in order to plot their way to electoral victory. First, it was the lie about INEC officers getting fired for helping the APC with ballot papers. It took INEC to clear the air on lies being peddled by the Omisore camp. Those caught where never fired. The APC lodged a complaint against them before the elections because they were clearly working for PDP.

The most recent fabrication is both alarming and brainless. Why will PDP and Omisore pronounce himself to have won the most votes even before the tribunal sat to examine the evidence? The road ahead is still long. Why can’t Omisore just wait for the law to take its course. He wants to be governor by all means. We have seen a trend of lies and fabrications by the Omisore camp. This nauseating disposition shows absolute disrespect for the law and for the people of Osun state. No man can foist himself on the people. The television station that ran the unverified story has since retracted it and it says much about the partisanship of the media. The media runs stories that are planted and it is a shame that the same media has run similar stories in the past without verification. Thanks to INEC, they have also denied the Omisore report.


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