The immediate past General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church worldwide, Prophet Samuel Abiara, has taken a new wife.

At a brief but colourful ceremony in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State, on Thursday, the 75-year-old walked his new bride, Grace Ojewande, down the aisle, one and half years after he lost his spouse, Christianah, of over 50 years.


The wedding, which took place at the Christ Apostolic Church, Agbala Itura, saw top dignitaries including respected Christian leaders in attendance.

The new wife, who could not hide her joy at the occasion, is said to be in her early 50s and a native of Ifetedo in Osun State.

According to findings, Ojewande, a Level 16 officer at the Lagos State Ministry of Education, worships at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.

Sources close to the family told our correspondent that the new bride had never been married or bore any child before exchanging marital vows with the clergy.

Giving reasons why he decided to remarry at 75, Prophet Abiara had said that he consulted widely before arriving at his choice.

He said, “My children, who are now grown-ups, held a meeting and concluded that I should get a new wife who will attend to my everyday needs at old age.

“After due consideration and having satisfied my conscience that my children’s suggestion was in conformity with the scriptures, I made up my mind to marry a new wife.

“The Bible established it that when a man loses his wife, he has the right to remarry. I am acting based on the directive of God and the advice of my children.”

ODD NEWS: Snake charmer escapes python’s fury during live show

A snake charmer escaped death by the whiskers during a live show in Uttar Pradesh, India, after a deadly python coiled around his neck and almost strangled him.

At first, people thought it was part of an act, as the python coiled harder around the neck of the charmer who incidentally owns the snake, in an effort to kill him.

But they soon found out the act was all too real.

The snake charmer initially picked up the adult snake and allowed it to sit on his shoulders as he welcomed the crowd; slowly, the snake slithered up the man’s body and started to wrap itself around his neck.

The man appeared calm, acting as if he was simply wearing a turtleneck and continued to motion people to come closer.

Thirty seconds later, the man kneeled on the ground and appeared to be having trouble breathing.

He leaned forward and grabbed the snake’s body, attempting to forcefully pull the creature off.

For nearly a minute, a group of people just watched in shock and horror.

They realized the man was in serious trouble when he toppled over onto the sandy ground.

He appeared to be unconscious when a man stepped in to help. He sprinkled water on the snake and eventually the python slitered away.


According to report, three men came forward and rushed the unidentified man to a nearby hospital in Varanasi on March 20. His condition is still unknown.

Snake charmers are common in India, but the reptiles have been known to turn on their handlers.

It would be recalled that a famous “snake whisperer” in Malaysia died last week after he was bitten by a cobra.

Also, Dan Brandon, a snake enthusiast in the U.K., was found suffocated to death near his pet python, “Tiny”, last year.

A coroner later confirmed there was “no doubt” the python had killed him.


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