As labour and pro fuel subsidy groups protested in Abuja on Monday, some groups that support President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision to end fuel subsidy have also staged their own protests.

The people numbering some hundreds gathered at one of the car parks of the National Stadium Abuja and chanted pro government songs and presented several addresses supporting the government’s decision.

The protesters said those opposed to the removal of fuel subsidy saying they are not being realistic.

The co-ordinator of the protest, Yeye Bola Dare said “We are here because we believe in one Nigeria. I run an orphanage and I take care of abandoned children. If there is war and am running, where are the orphan children going to run to?

“I am here for peace, if we do it fire for fire it won’t work. We are Nigerians, we are women, we gave birth to Jonathan, we gave birth to opposition. We are here to send our message, You can see the placards, we don’t believe in war, we want peace.

Minsiter of Women Affairs, Hajiya Zainab Maina listens to Bola Dare

during a pro government protest…

“They say they want to remove subsidy, we speak in one voice, we are supporting you. We will give them chance, we are supporting them. In the next six months we want to see what women will gain”. Dare said.
The protest took place under close watch of the police with some officers screening the banners and posters before allowing them into the venue.

Minister of Women Affairs, Hajiya Zainab Maina was at the rally where she re-affirmed government’s position that the removal of the subsidy has come to stay.


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