The sudden death of Prince Abubakar Audu is sorrowful and shocking. He died before his time. This is a wrenching loss that saddens me greatly. Prince Audu’s death reminds us of our mortality. None of us are on this earth forever. While here, we must make positive impact. We must strive toward good.

I knew Prince Audu Abubakar roughly 30 years. He was a good friend. A good man.Some may not have known this but Prince Audu was a renown financial expert well known in banking circles before his entry into politics. From banking to politics Prince Audu became a dominant feature of our national landscape. He was an industrious man and a determined, hardworking leader with few equals. He was consummate in the art of politics. yet, Audu was also dedicated to the betterment of his people. He was an Honorary title holder of Lagos, honored by the late Oba of Lagos, Oba Oyekan.

Very kind, generous and at ease with his friends and with the people, Audu wanted to make his state a better place. That was his driving concern. His people loved him because of this and he loved them in return. He was a man of great vision, committed to the Nigerian project and committed to the well-being of his people. He loved Kogi passionately.

As was his character, Prince Audu gave his all during this election because he wanted to move kogi to a better place.
His death is painful and has stunned us his friends, political associate and particularly his family.

My heart reaches out to his loved ones. My prayers are with them. May God comfort them as only He can during this sad period. And may they take solace in the fact that Prince Audu was an outstanding figure and great leader of men. They have a right to be proud of who he was.

We must serve his memory well by continuing to serve people and by carrying on as he would want us to do. We celebrate his life and times. both his deeds and dreams will outlive him no doubt.
I sympathize with the people of Kogi on the passing of their illustrious son who was such a colorful and progressive politician. Whenever the history of Kogi politics, nay Nigerian politics is written it will be remembered that a Prince of the Niger was once here.
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu


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