Mickailia ‘Ila’ Adu, the 20-year-old daughter of Nigerian born British singer, songwriter, producer and composer, Sade Adu‘s,  has shared before and after photos via her Instagram page of herself as she begins her official transition from female to male.

The ‘proud’ lesbian who is reported to suffer from ‘gender dysphoria’ also flaunts her very committed relationship to her white partner on social media.

Although she has never hidden the fact that she longs to become a man, she excitedly revealed to her 3,503 followers on Instagram that her transition begins today.

04/10/16, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life. #shotday#firstshot#finally#selfmademan#transman#proud#yaas#.

In preparation, Ila is always clad in only male clothing and footwear. In addition, she has since begun taking male hormones, which has seen her breasts gradually diminish and her voice huskier.

Despite the buzz about her daughter’s new identity, her mum, Sade, has made no public acknowledgement about Ila’s transition.



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