Stop playing the Victim, Concerned Lagos Citizens tell Ambode


A Lagos based civil society group, Concerned Citizens of Lagos, CCL have warned Lagosians not to fall for the series of sponsored stories and tales by moonlight being churned out by apologists of Lagos Governor Ambode aimed at portraying him as the victim of recent political developments.

” The people of Lagos and vast majority of party faithful and supporters are the real victims of Ambode’s pettiness, vindictive and sadistic style of governance, sadistic disposition, cronyism and a selfish and egoistic leaderahip”., The CCL maintained in a press statement signed by Williams Adewale that no one should be deceived by this new media public relations to paint Ambode as the victim of godfatherism.

The many woes and foibles of Ambode are on display as revelations have come out about the many anti peope things he did and is still doing. ” We are not deceived by his new born again disposition. Because beneath that are sinister motives. Ambode has abandoned the people of Lagos having lost the party’s ticket. Let no one be in doubt.

Ambode is the architect of the fate that has befallen him. The issue here is not about God fatherism but about Policy. Ambode in pursuit of financial gains and egoistic satisfaction deliberately cannibalized successful government policies and substituted them with his own. In many instances the ones he introduced have failed. The VIsionscape scandal stands as an ICON of failure for his government.

The low quality jobs delivered by LARALEK Ltd a company with direct links to Ambode are all over Lagos. LARALEK has handled over 60 per cent of all construction, Engineering and street lightening jobs in Lagos, the killing of LagBus and many other policy somersaults.

The CCL said the activities most of them deliberately sinister of the Ambode administration have been painstakingly documented and that never before has Lagos fallen into the hands of such a governor who became a recluse and only catered for the interest of a tiny group to the detriment of the majority.

‘ In any case the electorate in Lagos delivered its judgement during the primaries and they wait patiently to vote for their new governor’.


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