A road safety campaign in Russia has sent topless women onto the streets in a bid to force speeding drivers to slow down. The group in charge of the campaign claims the bizarre method is the best way to reduce the 30,000 a year deaths on Russia’s roads

The half-naked women – dressed in thigh-high boots and pants – have been parading around an accident blackspot carrying speed limit signs that read ’60 and 40 kilometres per hour’.

And it seems to be working as traffic approaching the pedestrian crossTopless-women-persuade-drivers-to-slow-down (2)ing in Severny village, on Russia’s Novaya Zemlya island, has significantly slowed down since, with no reports of accidents caused by drivers being distracted.

According to a report, most speeding drivers, the majority of whom happened to be men, slowed down to admire the female road safety assistants.

One driver said, “I’d like to see more of this by the road”

International comparisons show Russia’s roads as among the most dangerous in the world.


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