Truck drivers to vacate bridges in 48 hours – Govt.



The Lagos state government and the military have ordered tanker drivers that have their tanks parked on bridges in the state to remove them within the next 48 hours.

The Flag officer commanding, Western Naval Command, Apapa, Stephen Abbah, announced this during a meeting with tanker drivers in the state.

For many months now, traffic in some areas in the state have been intense due to the reckless manner in which some petroleum tanker drivers have taken to major roads and bridges to park their tankers.

Abbah speaking, “We do not want to see tankers and trucks parked on the bridges anymore. They have requested for 48 hours to start phasing off their trucks from the bridges and we have obliged. We cannot continue like this. This gridlock from Apapa to Mile Two and then from the stadium up to Eko Bridge does not do anyone good. We are going through trying times in the country and the mere presence of these tankers and trucks on our bridges constitute easy targets for terrorists. No one knows where and when terrorists strike from. The navy deployed its helicopters on Monday to take aerial footages of the situation and I can tell you it is very worrisome. So many people have lost their lives as a result of this traffic. These bridges were constructed in the early the 1970s to carry moving weights not for static vehicles. The bridges have since carried more than the weight they were built for. Parking trucks on them could lead to collapse because they weaken the bridges” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the Lagos state government, the permanent secretary, Lagos ministry of transport, Taiwo Salau,  said

“The bridges were built to carry light load and not heavy weights as they have been subjected to. I am afraid that no bridge in Lagos can stand integrity test. I have not seen anywhere in the world, where a port that discharges goods of this capacity does not have rails to move them to loading bays of shipping companies. The NPA is also part of the problem. When they take a step forward, they take two backward. There is also the issue of tank farms. This traffic situation is a national calamity. Lagos State is staking all to solve it because it is not only Apapa that is affected. The vehicles have entered inner routes and virtually all parts of the state suffer from their action” he said.




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