Trump storms out of talks with Democrats on border wall


U.S. President Donald Trump demonstrated his uncontrollable temper on Wednesday when he walked out of the Congress, in talks with Democrats over the partial shutdown of government.

Trump revealed his action in a tweet:

The meeting with congressional leaders of the Democrats was meant to resolve differences between the Democrats and the Republican President. Senator Chuck Schumer and speaker Nancy Pelosi were at the meeting where Trump demanded $5.6billion for his Mexico border wall.

But after the congressional Democrats stuck to their guns over objections to the Mexico border wall, steel or concrete, Trump walked out and described the talks as a “total waste of time”.

Democrats said Trump walked out in a ‘temper tantrum’.

Schumer told reporters that Trump walked out after Pelosi declined his demand for wall funding.

“Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get his way,” Schumer said.


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