Ustaz Yahaya Imam Abdulahi, a Muslim cleric in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has assured that Muslims are not under any form of attack in Rivers State.

He said that Muslims in the State are living in peace and going about their normal businesses without fears of molestation in the state.

Imam Abdulahi, who is the leader of Bori Central Mosque in Khana Local Government Area of the state, spoke against the backdrop of a video clip circulating in the social media about the alleged demolition of Trans-Amadi Central Mosque in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

There were concerns that Muslims in the state are under attack.

“We (Muslim leaders) have been receiving lots of telephone calls from every state because there is a misconception about the issue of mosque demolition. Muslims in Rivers state are not under threat and the state is not hostile to the Muslim community,” he said as quoted by the Nation.

“We have over 130 major mosques in Rivers state, not counting the smaller ones in the streets, and I assure the Muslim leaders everywhere that there is no threat (to Muslims),” he added.

“There was an area called Rainbow Community along Trans Amadi area. Five to seven years or so ago the government of Rivers state gave a notice that they need the land. The issue went to court, there was a legal tussle and the state government won.

“The state government demolished everything there; churches, mosque, houses and shops.

“After some years again, the Muslim community resident in the area got another land from a local chief for over N11.5m. they built a mosque there – that was after the demolition of the first mosque, which affected all the residents, not only the Muslim community.

“Sometimes again, another demolition took place and they lost this mosque that was about five years ago. They didn’t leave the place, but are praying there every day and every week. It was when the state government went to clear there again that started this.

“Governor Wike addressed his supporters (on Ruga), assuring them that Rivers is a Christian state and he hasno regret. That is what people are relating to and saying Muslims are under attack or threat. I see the video in circulation which is not connected with the latest matter.

“I am calling the Executive Governor of Rivers state that he should continue to be the leader he his who does things accordingly. If there is a land bought for mosque and the government has interest in it they should replace it with another one.”dp


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