Why APC NWC moved against Lagos Primaries: Ambode, Afikuyomi, Oki connection


Facts are emerging as to why the Clement Ebri-led National Working Committee of the APC surprisingly scuttled this afternoon the results of the primaries held across the 377 wards in Lagos State in which Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu had emerged a clear winner, beating incumbent Governor Akinwunmi Ambode by a wide margin.

Credible sources revealed a high-stake bazaar in which embattled Ambode literally drowned the team from Abuja with dollars among other staggering promises.

No sooner had Ebri and co landed Lagos Monday than they insisted on having an “audience” with Ambode despite protestations expressed by some interests that it was grossly unethical for supposed umpire in an exercise to be holding nocturnal meeting with a contestant in the race.

To disguise things, Ebri decided to tell inquisitive reporters that what they came to do at Alausa was “an interactive meeting”.
As to be expected, the NWC members were earlier received in the state by the Lagos State Chairman of APC, who led them to Alausa.

But no sooner had the press corp left the hall than visibly hostile Ambode asked the State Chairman of APC to excuse them so that he could have some private discussion with Ebri and co.

Though the meeting was behind closed door, sources said Ambode decided to switch on his bewitching lights including an offer to take over the “welfare” of Ebri and co while in Lagos.

We confirmed Ebri and co were later brought to Protea Hotel in Ikeja by Ambode’s agents later at night for lodging.

Interestingly, the Ikeja Protea Hotel has been the “tactical war room” of Ambode’s key henchmen like Tokunbo Afikunyomi whose private residence in Ikeja was recently refurbished lavishly by Ambode with a unit of the state-funded special police patrol deployed to the frontage to provide 24-hour security.

Also holed up in the 5-Star hotel is Foaud Oki who led an unsuccessful faction of the party before the last convention of the party. We confirmed Ebri and co are lodged at the hotel on Ambode’s bill.

Two SUVs with tinted glass and covered number plates brought two top aides of Ambode in the early hours of today who we gathered brought some “packages” for Ebri and co on the understanding to help deliver Ambode at all costs.

Indeed, Ebri and co were still strategizing with Afikuyomi and Oki up till mid day at Protea today.

When indications emerged that Jide Sanwo-Olu had won the primaries under the supervision of relevant institutions like INEC, Ebri decided to play the spoiler by announcing that as far as they are concerned no primaries had taken place


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